Pricing|Bedford Acupuncture Bedford, PA



Acupuncture: 1 hour private session $75

Community Acupuncture: 30 min group session
(Wednesdays 4-6pm) $30

(Senior citizens  (over age 65)  and veteran discounts of $10 for a private session and $5 community session) 

Consultation only (without acupuncture): $25

Infrared Sauna: Single session $20

Add on after acupuncture $15

Packages: 3 for $50 (savings of $10)

6 for $90 (savings of $30)

8 for $110 (savings of $50)

12 for $150 (savings of $90)

and unlimited monthly for $300 (savings of $300 if used daily) 

Sauna available during regular business hours. Not available during Community Acupuncture.

Insurance rates subject to copays, deductibles, and allowable fees set by insurance. Call your carrier to find out about your specific coverage.