Other Therapies Used:

In addition to acupuncture, there may be other therapies that can be beneficial. These include cupping, electric stimulation, herbal medicine, and dietary therapy. Which additional therapies are used is based on each patient’s specific needs and concerns.

Community Acupuncture (Wednesdays walk-in from 4:00-6:00)

Community  acupuncture is similar to traditional acupuncture.  The difference is that treatments are offered in a shared space with other patients and last about 30 minutes.  Because many patients are able to be treated at the same time, this allows it to be less expensive than a private treatment.  Most areas accessed are the face, arms, and legs, as well as auricular acupuncture in the ears.  This style of treatment works well for anxiety and stress, depression,  food cravings and appetite control, and smoking cessation.



Cupping involves using a glass cup to create a suction on the skin.  This gentle pulling on the muscle helps to bring fresh blood flow to an area and to stretch the  muscle and connective tissue in areas of tightness or constriction.  Think  of cupping as a reverse massage, which can help to reduce muscle tightness and pain increase blood flow. 


Moxibustion ( or moxa for short)

Moxibustion involves burning the Artimesia mugwort plant for therapeutic purposes.  It can help with chronic or acute pain, cold achy joints, digestive issues, low energy, and boosting the immune system.  Most often, the herb is either placed on the head of the needle(s) where it burns slowly to provide a strengthening effect to that acupuncture point, or  a mona stick can be used, and held 1-2 inches away from the skin.  While burning most patients feel a gentle heat that is very comfortable.


Electric Stimulation

Sometimes electric stimulation can be used in addition to acupuncture.  This is similar to a TENS or stim unit used at chiropractic or physical therapy.  The electrodes hook directly onto the needles, allowing the  stimulation to penetrate to a deeper level.  Electric stimulation is often used for acute and chronic pain, pinched nerves, sciatica,  nerve damage, and neuropathy. 


Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture

Facial rejuvenation acupuncture helps to soften fine lines and wrinkles and tighten skin.   It offers a safer option to Botox and cosmetic fillers.  Treatments are offered in a series of 12 sessions, and results can be seen after about 6-7 treatments.   After 12 treatments the results can last several years with monthly maintenance. 


Chinese herbal medicine

Chinese herbal medicine may be used in conjunction with acupuncture for many different purposes.  Herbal medicine can help with digestive issues, fatigue,  hormonal imbalances, and respiratory issues to name just a few.  Whether herbal medicine is recommended depends on each patients’ specific needs and if herbs are indicated. Herbal medicine comes in many forms such as raw herbs that are decocted in water, powdered granules that are mixed in water, and pre-formulated  herbs that are encapsulated.   Some herbs are also applied topically for more external related issues.




Chinese dietary therapy

Dietary therapy can be very helpful when addressing symptoms like digestive complaints, hormonal imbalances like hot flashes or night sweats, and weight gain.  Similar to herbal medicine, food substances can offer a safe and effective treatment option when combined with acupuncture and other therapies.  Less of a “diet” it is more often adding particular foods that have therapeutic qualities, and ways of preparing foods to be the most nutritious. 


Tui Na/Chinese therapeutic massage

Tui Na  is a focused medical massage done in conjunction with acupuncture.  Tui Na will usually be performed for 5-10 min following your treatment and aids in promoting blood circulation and relaxing tight muscles.